Saturday - June 21st

Paper Presentations


8:30 Arrival Time

9:00 - Ashley Carlson
10:00 - Corinne Malan

11:00 - David Voytek

12:00 - 2:30 Lunch- Potluck, Sports and Play Practice

1:30 Choir practice
2:30 Recital and Choir Performance

        This is an opportunity to share your musical or theatrical abilities.  You may also perform a poetry recitation.  Please contact Recital Coordinator, Samuel Limon  -  
 Please make sure you include title, composer, time length. Submissions must be in by June 16th.  Only live accompanists are allowed during the recital- no canned music please.

7:00 - ETS Theater

Students who are attending this year’s fling are invited to write and produce plays for our Saturday performance.  The plays should be around 10-20 minutes in length and their subject should be one of the ten commandments.  The goal will be to show the meaning of the commandments in our contemporary context.  The plays could be similar to the movies in The Decalogue by Krzystof Kieslowski but, please, not so explicit in content!  Everyone in attendance will vote at the end with a $5 bill to be given to the director of their favorite play.