Spring Fling – 2006

Fling Chronicler:  Meghan O'Brien

Fling Photographer:  Daniel Parker


            5:30 Great Books Five Dinner



9:00 - 10:30 Fling introduction

11:00 - 12:00 - Rachelle Kampen

            For GBT V papers, please click here.

 12:00 - 2:00 Lunch – Potluck


2:00 - 5:00 Homeric read-a-thon

  Volunteers needed to read books from the Iliad.   If you volunteer to read a book, please practice your book so that you can read it with good interest for the listeners. 

7:00- Film  Heaven

June 14, 2006 ---Wednesday

Greetings were said, hugs given, half-forgotten faces remembered, and a hint of anticipation filled the air---thus began the 2006 Summer Fling! While old friends chatted away, Mr. And Mrs. Hinrichs made their rounds, personally greeting all the students before the “Official Fling Introduction”.  After this, we played the name game, which always proves to be very amusing. Rachelle Kampen then presented her GBT V paper, Christ in the Gallery of Images. After profitably engaging our minds for an hour with this, we broke for a wonderful potluck lunch, which was prepared by our lovely mothers. After lunch, the actors in the Metamorphosis practiced for the play, while the other students either walked the grounds (mostly the girls) or viciously played “Ultimate Frisbee” (mostly the guys).  At 2:00, the students wandered back to The Hall for the Homeric Read-a-thon where Mr. H, Daniel Parker, Grace Marie Lambert, Jonathan Keller and Frances Pedraza fervently sang of “the rage of Achilles” presented in Homer’s Iliad. Unfortunately, due to the untamable time, we could not finish the Iliad, and were only able to make it through the first five books. Afterwards we sang through the ETS Song Book with Dies Irae played by Rachelle Kampen and then Zach O’Brien. We had separate dinners and returned at 8:00 to watch the film Heaven and discuss it. One of the actors in the film, Giovanni Ribisi, was the Near’s second cousin…unfortunately, he was unable to make it to the movie night J.



9:00 - Colin McDonald
10:00 - Drew Larsen
11:00 - Justin Helland

12:00 - 2:00 Lunch – Potluck

2:00 - 4:30 Reader’s Theater – Eumenides

7:00-10:00 Dance Practice - you may dress informally, if you wish, as long as your attire is in accordance with the dress code.

June 15, 2006 ---Thursday

The day began right to the point. Collin McDonald presented his paper It’s Greek to Me, Drew Larson followed with Love the Lord your God with all your Mind, and lastly, Justin Helland presented Spiritual Sustenance. The various ETS families once again so kindly provided lunch for us. And at 2:00 ETS Readers Theater presented the Eumenidies, with the parts read by: Frances Pedraza, Chelsea Nygaard, Brighton de los Santos, Leila Pedraza, Michael Taylor, Emily McDonald, Erik Dowling, William Craddick, Jensen Near, and Collin McDonald. Because the Eumenidies finished early, we had a prelude to the dance practice night by singing and dancing before dinner (a wonderful surprise to us dance lovers!). After eating, the dances were demonstrated by the various ETS students (who all did lovely jobs).



9:00 - Jensen Near
10:00 - Francis Pedraza
11:00 - Jonathan Lann

12:00 - 2:00 Lunch – Potluck 

2:00- 6:00 Free Afternoon-

Good time to get ready for the ball and practice for Saturday 

4:00 - 6:00  Portrait time

Each family and each student will receive one free portrait.

7:00 – 10:00 Ball – 


June 16, 2006 ---Friday

Like all the mornings, this began with paper presentations. Jensen Near (Mission Impossible), Frances Pedraza (Bread of Life) and Jonathan Lann (The Forms of Justice and its Effects on Government) did wonderful jobs (as did all the GBT V students) reading their papers and answering questions.  After lunch, the young men and ladies rushed home to prepare for the ball, while the actors in the Metamorphosis, and those participating in the recital unfailingly slaved away until 3:00 J… from 4:00-6:00 most students arrived for portraits, shot by our ETS (Extremely Talented Semi-professional) photographer, a.k.a. Mr. H. Finally, all the ETS students arrived in the Hall by 7:00. The men were magnificently handsome and the women, divinely beautiful, as they stood listening to Mr. and Mrs. Hinrichs (who also looked wonderful) read the letters to the young gentlemen and ladies. With all said and done, the musicians took their places as the young men asked the various ladies in the ETS bouquet of flowers to dance the Grand March with them. Thus began the night! Shortly following was the Virginia Reel,  St. Andrew’s Cross Reel, Gay Gordon, Patty-cake Polka, Waltz, Spanish Waltz (my favorite!), the Swing, and two Irish dances. After the dancing we all gathered to sing. Being thoroughly invigorated from the dancing and gaining our second wind, some of us students spent the rest of the night at Denny’s. Once arrived at the restaurant, all air of grace put on during the ball wore off as we laughed, drank milk shakes and indulged ourselves into all kinds of foolishness J. By the time we dragged ourselves home, the morning hours had already begun…



9:00 - Lauren Lucia

10:00 - 12:00 Informal debate

We will be having an introduction to NCFCA debate and then holding our own group debate.  This year's topic will be: RESOLVED: "Creon's actions regarding the body of Polynices were wholly unjust and indicative of the tyrannical abuse of his office."  GBT 1 students will be presenting arguments- it would be wise to come with an outline of what you consider to be the best arguments.  GBT III students will be acting as team coordinators and debate coaches.  GBT V students will play the part of jury and judge in our final debate.

12:00 - 2:00 Lunch – Potluck

2:00 Recital

        This is an opportunity to share your musical or theatrical abilities.  You may also perform a poetry recitation.  Please contact Recital Coordinator, Rachelle Kampen at:  kampen1@verizon.net

7:00 - ETS Theater

Amanda Helland will be putting on selections from Ovid's Metamorphosis. 

June 17, 2006 ---Saturday

Despite our short night sleep, we all managed find ourselves back at the Hall at 9:00am (more or less). All attention was on Lauren Lucia, as she presented the final GBT V paper, A Cry for Justice. It was then time for debate. Mr. H gave the resolution: "Creon's actions regarding the body of Polynices were wholly unjust and indicative of the tyrannical abuse of his office". He then divided the GBT I and III students into two categorize: pro and con. The GBT V students acted as Jury. Each team had fifteen minutes to come up with an opening speech, which was presented by Leila Pedraza and Twyla Elhardt. Robin Scofeild and Meghan O’Brien followed with the rebuttals and everyone participated in the Stand and Shoot. Acting as Jury, the GBT V student took their places in the center of the room to decide upon a winner. Francis Pedraza, the lone holdout in support of the pro, finally gave into the arguments of the con (and the pangs of hunger). Shortly following lunch, we all gathered back into the Hall for the recital. The participants for this event were Sarah Aymin and Zachary Lucia (Concerto No. 3 in GM), Grace Marie Lambert (Reciting, Women and Children First), Brett Criss (Sonatina in CM, 1st Movement), Emily Bell (Sonatina in C OP 39 #1), Jono Aymin and Rachelle Kampen (Ciaccona), Nathanael and Michael Kampen (Outside), Nathanael Kampen (Skies of Grey), Annie Sierra and Tim Jackson (Concerto No. 5, 1st Movement), Zachary Lucia (Iollster Dance), Justin Helland, Jensen Near and Michael Taylor (Black Orpheus), Rebekah and Jonathon Keller (Les Pins de Charlanes), Colin and Emily McDonald (Wonderful Grace of Jesus), Rachelle Kampen (Scherzo in Bb, OP 31 #2), Michael Taylor (Violin Concerto in EM, 1st Movement), Amy Scofield (Ballet/Lyrical Dance, Deliver Us), Amanda Johnson (Lyrical Dance, Closer to You). Mr. Hinrichs, Mr. Elhardt, Elizabeth Aymin, Katie Aymin, Peter Elhardt, Zach O’Brien also played last minute pieces. We were very pleased to have a guest play at our recital, Ray She, who is a Julliard graduate and very accomplished pianist. At 7:00, the lawn in front of the hall was speckled with chairs and picnic blankets as the various families gathered to watch ETS Theater put on the Metamorphosis!  As the sun lingered on the horizon, hoping to catch a final glimpse of the earth before smothering it’s light in the ocean, the actors emerged from behind a velvet curtain. The play had begun. The actors involved included: Chelsea Nygaard, Daniel Parker, Zack Lucia, Francis Pedraza, Elizabeth Aymin, Amanda Johnson, Jonathan Aymin, Sarah Aymin, Justin Helland, Leila Pedraza, Robin Scofield, Tessa Larson, Jon Keller, Emily Bell, Katie Palmer, Lauren Lucia and Meghan O’Brien. After the play we discussed the views portrayed in the various myths presented in the play, as well as compare it with last years play The Great Divorce.  A special thank you was given to Amanda Helland, who directed the play, for the amazing job she did! As the night came to a close, Mr. Hinrichs had the GBT V student come up, so he could say a final good bye. He also presented them with beautiful and intricate wood ornaments


Concerto No. 3 in GM (Mozart)

Sarah Aymin, violin

Zach Lucia, piano


Women and Children First! (Phillips)

Grace Marie Lambert, poetry


Sonatina in CM, 1st mvt (Clementi)

Brett Criss, piano


Sonatina in C Op 39 #1 (Lynes)

Emily Bell, piano


Ciaccona (Vitali)

Jonathan Aymin, violin

Rachelle Kampen, piano

Ciaccona (Vitali)

Jonathan Aymin, violin

Rachelle Kampen, piano


Zachary Lucia, piano

Les Pins de Charlanes (Renie)

Rebekah Keller, harp

Jonathan Keller, piano

Wonderful Grace of Jesus (Lillenas, arr. stafford)

Colin Mcdonald, violin

Emilie Mcdonald, piano

Scherzo in bb, Op 31, #2 (Chopin)

Rachelle Kampen, piano

Violin Concerto in em, 1st mvt (Mendelssohn)

Etude No. 11 in AbM (Moszkowski)

Michael Taylor, violin

Deliver Us (from Prince of Egypt)

Amy Scofield, ballet/lyrical dance


Closer to You (Schultz)

Amanda Johnson, lyrical dance