Christmas Ball 1998

Many thanks to Grace Bible Church for allowing us to use their room!


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The practice ball helped the newbies learn the steps.

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* worked hard on the decorating.

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Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters- everyone joined in!

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Trying to catch breath between dances.

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Our room was just a little too small....

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What a fine bunch!

For more pictures of the ball, see David's ball page.

Here are the dance steps for anyone who would like to put on their own ball....


Grand march 4/4

Start- Couples in circle

Couples march around room in circle

Go to line- march into spiral- line faces inward

Spiral reverses inside- outside couples wait until spiral fills room

Go back to couples while unwinding spiral

Once all couples are around room, start arch

After going under arch, each couple continues it

First couple to form the arch goes under after all go through

First couple leads to form circle after all couples come through arch

First couple goes to center of room and walks across the middle.

Form lines of four.

Lines of four wait until all couples are in fours

Fours split- return- form eights.

(Follow with slow waltz)


Virginia Reel 4/4

Remember to tell people to wait for the start of each dance.

Start- lines of eight

Bow (courtsy) to your partner

RH up swing (or fancy turn)

LH up swing

Both H swing

Do Sa Do

Head couple SaShay down and back

Head couple RA swing

HM weaves women, HW weaves men

Head couple RA swing at bottom and Sashay up

Head couple cast off - inside turn

Head Couples form arch at bottom

All couples go through

Return to lines


Waltz 3/4

Up back main

Side by side



Patty cake Polka 2/4

Start- Circle face counter clockwise- men on woman's rt. - men inside

Start slow/Speed up

Heal/toe twice- man/lft-woman/rt

Slide 4 steps- man/lft - woman/rt

Heal/toe twice- woman/lft-man/rt

Slide 4 steps- woman/lft - man/rt

Both hands 3clap-1pause- knees

Both hands 3clap-1pause- hands

Right hands 3clap-1pause-

Left hands 3clap-1pause-

Woman under man's rt. Arm Full turn

Both go left to next partner


Gay Gordon 4/4

Start- Circle face counter clockwise- men on woman's rt. - men inside

3 steps forward/ turn/ 3 steps back/ stop

together / apart / turn across / woman faces man during turn

together / apart / woman under man's left to new partner


Polka 2/4

Hop hop/ side by side


St. Andrew's Cross Reel

Remember to tell people to wait for start

Head Lady/ End Gentleman

End Lady/ Head Gentleman

RH Swing

LH Swing

Both H Swing

Do Sa Do

Courtsy - Bye

Cast off inside

Head Couple Bridge

All through