Escondido Tutorial Service

Sacramento Fling 2007

November 3-5, 2007


Fling Chronicler:  Ashley Atkinson

Fling Photographer:  Sarah Van Der Linden

Musicians needed to play in the band during our dancing!  Guitar, Fiddle, Bass, Hammer Dulcimer, flute, piano.  Please contact Mr. Hinrichs-

  • Saturday, November 3rd

8:30 - arrival time

9:00 - 11:00 Fling introduction, group photo, name game, coin cleaning, Greek lesson

11:00 - 12:00 Music talk by Mr. Hinrichs

12:00 - 2:00 Lunch- Please bring your own sack lunch

2:00  Homeric read-a-thon

  Volunteers needed to read books from the Odyssey.   If you volunteer to read a book, please practice your book so that you can read it with good interest for the listeners. 
    Contact coordinator: Mr. Hinrichs

Mr. Hinrichs I, Kaitlyn Henning IX, Mr. Hinrichs XIX, Ashley Atkinson XXI, Hannah Fenn XXIII

3:00-5:00 Greek Reader's Theater - Antigone

   Volunteers needed to read parts from Antigone
    Contact coordinator: Hannah and Petra Fenn  -

ANTIGONE - Teal Speece
ISMENE - Petra Fenn
A CHORUS - Emmeline Fletcher, Kaitlyn Henning 
LEADER - Hannah Fenn
CREON - Andjey Ashwill, Mr. Hinrichs
A SENTRY - Ashley Atkinson
HAEMON - Ryan Farrington
TIRESIAS - Emily Van Der Linden
A MESSENGER - Cassie Atkinson
EURYDICE - Camilla Fletcher

5:00-7:00  Dinner-  Time to go into town and get some fast food.  If you would like to eat at the Fenns, Mrs. Fenn will be making spaghetti for just $2.00 a plate.  Please contact her if you would like to join us.  (Rumor has it she will be using the famous Fenn family recipe for Irish Spaghetti!)

7:00-10:00 p.m. Dance Practice: Feel free to dress semi-formally or casual for this event.  We will be teaching: country dances (i.e. Virginia Reel), swing, polka, German dances, Regency dances and any other dances we forgot to mention but have time for.

  •   Sunday, November 4th

2:00 - 5:00    Shakespeare Reader's Theater  - Much Ado About Nothing

Volunteers needed to read parts from  Much Ado About Nothing
    Contact coordinator:  Jennifer Fletcher  -

Beatrice - Petra Fenn
Benedick - Cami Fletcher
Hero - Hannah Fenn
Claudio - Kaitlyn Henning
Don Pedro - Emmeline Fletcher
Don John - Mr. H
Dogberry - Cassie Atkinson
Verges - Ashley Atkinson
Borachio - Audrey Uhland
Conrad - Teal Speece
Maragret - Emily Uhland
Ursula - Ashley Atkinson
Antonio - Rachel Uhland
Lenato - Emily Van Der Linden
Sexton/ Boy - Jacob Farrington
Frair Francis - Andjey Ashwell
Balthasar - Ryan Farrington




  •   Monday, November 5th  

2:00- 3:30 Music recital

Music and Poetry Recital 

If you would like to play a piece of music or to recite poetry for the recital, please contact: Emily Van Der Linden -

3:30-5:00  Debate; We will be debating the following resolutions in a less than completely structured format.

 Resolved: Creon's actions regarding the burial of Polynice's body were unjust and tyrannical in nature.

5:00 Dinner - Please bring $5.00 for pizza

7:00 – 10:00 Movie and Discussion -
Much Ado About Nothing


Friday, November 2nd, 2007


“What was it going to be like?” we all wondered about the Fling. Partly anxious yet eager as well, we all came one family at a time, scaling the Fenn’s high, mountain-like driveway and coming into the house. We were greeted by the one and only Mr. Hinrichs as we came in through the door, and met the other students as they all arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Hinrichs went around the house talking with the parents and students while the girls went into the living room to talk by themselves, and the boys, including Benjamin, Mr. Hinrich’s son,  took off outside to the backyard. After a decent amount of time to get acquainted with each other, we were all gathered into the family room and seated to begin the Fling!


Mr. Hinrichs began with explaining what to expect from the next couple days together and the schedule for the day. This was followed up with the name game, which was incredibly amusing. We had to take turns remembering names and saying them as we went around a circle of students and siblings. After everyone could satisfactorily state each person’s name, Mr. Hinrichs gave an instruction on coin cleaning, during which we were able to choose either a Greek or Roman coin and clean it up for ourselves. And of course, he led a Greek lesson, having each student pronounce a syllable (or a whole word if he felt like it! J) of a Greek word as we went around the circle. Next, Mr. Hinrichs gave a talk on the relationship between music and mathematics, which was very interesting and humorous as well at times. Lastly, he led us in a singing of “Dona Nobis Pacem”, which would be the first singing lesson of many. It was especially interesting to learn how to sing in harmony, instead of only the common melody.


At this time, we all were given two hours for lunch, so we each went different ways, some going to practice their parts for the Antigone reading later that day, or preparing for the Homeric read-a-thon. The boys, as usual, dashed outside to play tag, capture the flag, or jump on the trampoline. During the break, Mr. Hinrichs and Cassie Atkinson grabbed their musical instruments and serenaded whomever was outside talking, Mr. H on his infamous banjo, and Cassie on the guitar.


 At last it was time for the read-a-thon! The epic tale of Odysseus’ rough trip home to Ithaca was read through certain chapters, capturing the listeners’ interest and entertaining those playing nearby. Mr. Hinrichs read chapter one, introducing the story to us. Kaitlyn Henning depicted Odysseus’ troubles traveling through the land of the Lotus-Eaters and the Cyclops in chapter nine. I described the trial of the bow, once Odysseus had landed upon his homeland, in chapter 21. Hannah Fenn took up the tale at chapter 24, when Odysseus is reunited with Penelope, his wife. Though it was a great reading, we had to cut the chapters short and allow Mr. Hinrichs to summarize the rest in order to make time for the Antigone play which immediately followed.


Sophocles’ play, Antigone, is a great story. It is full of drama, sadness… even humor. You just have to know how to read it. Mr. Hinrichs shared the part of the tyrant Creon with Andjey Ashwill; Teal Speece became the fiery Antigone; Petra Fenn was a devoted (no matter how whiny…) sister as Ismene; Ryan Farrington was loyal to Antigone as Haemon; Emmeline Fletcher, Kaitlyn Henning and Cassie Atkinson formed the Chorus, while Hannah Fenn led them as the Leader; Blind Tiresias was narrated by Emily Van Der Linden; Camilla Fletcher spoke for Eurydice, and I took the role of the Sentry. It was fantastic; Mr. Hinrichs as Creon spooked us more than once with a booming entrance to his speeches, and everyone was thoroughly convincing.


Dinner came next, as well as a chance to stretch and run around to let out our pent-up energy. We played basketball, escaped a tangle of arms and legs in the game The Knot, jumped on the trampoline, chased each other around, and otherwise wore ourselves out. It was then that Audrey, Emily and Rachel Uhland made their grand entrance! Just in time for the dancing.


The best part, agreed upon by most of the attendees, was the dancing. With a shortage of boys, girls paired up with girls, or grabbed a boy before they fled. Mr. Hinrichs described techniques for the boys to ask a girl to dance, which the guys begrudgingly carried out. Before each new dance, Mr. H together with Mrs. Hinrichs demonstrated what to do, and we all participated eagerly. Cassie Atkinson accompanied Mr. Hinrichs on a few of the dances, but otherwise joined in with the rest of us, while Mrs. Hinrichs took up Cassie’s guitar and played alongside her husband. And we danced far into the night… okay, just until 10:00pm. J Before we were dispersed, Mr. Hinrichs led us in a round of Dona Nobis Pacem, and the harmonious singing of Angels We Have Heard On High and Fairest Lord Jesus.


Sunday, November 4th, 2007


After going to church, we met up again at the Fenn’s house for the Shakespeare reading of Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a story of drama, tragedy, heartache and comedy. Reading Shakespeare aloud brings out the elements that make up the playwright’s words, both the hilarious mis-chosen words of Dogberry and Verges, and the sadness that envelops Hero and Claudio when Hero is accused of disloyalty. The part of Beatrice was adopted by Petra Fenn, Benedick by Camilla Fletcher, Claudio by Kaitlyn Henning (shortage of male actors J), Hero by Hannah Fenn, Don Pedro by Emmeline, Leonato by Emily Van Der Linden, Don John by Mr. Hinrichs, Margaret by Emily Uhland, Borachio by Audrey Uhland, Conrad by Teal Speece, Dogberry by Cassie Atkinson, I was Verges as well as Ursula, Antonio by Rachel Uhland, Balthasar by Ryan Farrington, and Andjey Ashwill played the part of the Friar, with Jacob Farrington completing the cast as A Boy. Each actor spoke strongly and surely, and we enjoyed a great reading. After the Shakespeare reading, we were gathered together to take a group picture, and then we were sent off home until the following morning, but not before hugging and saying farewell to the Uhlands, who had a long trip home, and had to leave far too early during the Fling.


Monday, November 5th, 2007


The final day of the Fling began with the participants arriving at 2:00pm, giving everyone ample time to finish their schoolwork for the day, which was good for some students, and disappointing for others. The day officially started off with a music and poetry recital. First to perform was the Van Der Linden family, Emily, Sarah and Christina, along with Mr. Van Der Linden, singing beautifully for us. During the recital, we had many piano players, including myself, Petra Fenn, Teal Speece, Andjey Ashwill, Ryan Farrington and Emily Van Der Linden. Emmeline Fletcher recited the opening lines to the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, and Camilla Fletcher joined her afterwards for a recitation on ‘The Quality of Mercy’ by William Shakespeare. Teal followed up with a song played upon her violin, and we were all impressed by Benjamin Hinrichs’ talent on his recorder as he played, accompanied by his dad on the piano. When each student had had a chance to play or recite, the siblings were invited to come up and perform a song or poem of their choosing, of which many quickly took advantage. Kasha and Mikowai Ashwill each played wonderfully on the piano, and Philip Fletcher ended the recital with a cheerful song, also on piano.


If you are a shy person, as I am, debates might not seem extremely appealing, especially when you must stand up and speak before many people you do not know well. However, Mr. Hinrichs ignored my pleading expression as he described the upcoming debate, no matter how obvious it was. Though I was not enthralled about it, it turned out to be a very exciting debate, despite my earlier disappointment, and everyone was reluctant to end for dinner. The topic to be debated was the following:

Resolved: Creon’s actions regarding the burial of Polynices’ body were unjust and tyrannical in nature.

We separated into two groups: pro Antigone, and pro Creon. Each group were allowed a few minutes to privately discuss arguments that would support either Antigone or Creon, and disprove the other group’s supporting arguments as well. A speaker would be elected from each group, and they would go up before the audience of debaters and explain the reasoning they and their group had gathered against the con side. It became a somewhat heated matter, until Mr. Hinrichs decided it was time to break it off, leaving many of the students unsatisfied, in order to eat dinner. However, he did announce that he would save a table outside for those of the students who would care to continue the discussion with him. Many people rushed to the pizza line, grabbed their piece, and immediately dashed outside, unwilling to let the debate sit unresolved in their minds. Those of us who were content to let the more fierce students deal it out by themselves sat at another table, discussing things that were a bit less intense. Once again, the boys ran off, being careful to avoid any female contact and joking as they studied us from a safe distance. We must be very foreign beings, indeed.


After a decent amount of time to have our pizza and run around a bit (the boys actually let us play tag and capture the flag with them!), we went in the house for the movie. Though Mr. Hinrichs had initially planned to play “Babbett’s Feast”, he decided to instead play “Much Ado About Nothing”, because many of the students that had been in the play the day before had not seen the movie. The movie is hilarious in most parts, and sad in others, and brought out the meaning of many of the lines that had been spoken during the play, but hadn’t been understood. We also discovered that Mr. Hinrichs does a fantastic job of censoring. With pillow in hand, he would jump up and cover the screen during inappropriate sections, all the while describing the incredible thought that had gone into the making of the pillow, and showing us how wonderfully the colors and stitching worked together. We could continue the movie when he would peek at the screen and announce it was all safe. J


After the video, he asked us a few questions about the movie to be sure we paid attention and understood. The end of the Fling was near, and we were all disappointed to have to be finished so soon. Last was to be the singing of Dona Nobis Pacem, and therefore Mr. Hinrichs had us all squeeze into the entryway of the Fenn’s house, the only part of the house with hard floor that would accentuate the sound our singing. With a large group of students and siblings pressed around in the small entryway, we sang loudly and strongly. And it was over all too soon. We said goodbye to everyone, and as you walked around, you could not avoid the cameras flashing, and the emails and phone numbers being exchanged. Fortunately for us, as is not the case for some Escondido Fling participants, we all lived somewhat near each other, and meeting each other again was not difficult. Even besides this, the ending of the Fling was sad for everyone, and most of us have since agreed that we want to come to the larger Flings in Escondido. Therefore, if you arrive wondering, “What was it going to be like?”, don’t be anxious. You will definitely not be disappointed.


 Ashley Atkinson