Escondido California Area Resources for Homeschooling


Successful home schooling often draws on many resources, so I have compiled a list of the providers in our area that have often been a benefit for my students.  I hope this list will be a help to you.

In Christ,
Fritz Hinrichs 

Electronic Breadboard class
Dann McCreary

Bobbie Helland


 Story is a powerful weapon in today's culture. Story can break down walls of defense by captivating mind and heart, and easing God's truth into the soul while prejudice is looking the other way. Let's tap into this creative and compelling art, following in the footsteps of the greaquiz Storyteller ever.

 The two-hour class will cover the history of theater, analysis of scripts and technical theater training. Theater has a long and glorious history, championed by the church when good and shut down by the church when not. We will look at the first known Western theater in Greece, and travel all the way to modern theater, looking at the best scripts from a Christian perspective. With their context in place, we will then look at how good scripts are written, and how to interpret them on a deep level; analyzing scenes and breaking them down into Stanislavski's 'beats', defining objective and tactics. For the last part of class, we will act out what we've learned, and hone our skills as Players. Students will be required to attend performances at Lamb's Players theatre at the student rate of no more than $20.00 per show (usually $15.00), gathering with an artist from Lamb's for discussion afterwards. Families are welcome to join us. All performances are on Sunday at 2:00 pm, specific dates to be determined.  

Theater 200 will continue the same format at a more advanced level.

Prerequisite for Theater 200 - Theater 100.


Bobbie Helland is a professional playwright and theater artist, most recently seen onstage last January as Mattie Rigsby in 'Walking Across Egypt'. She recently appeared as Queen Gertrude in 'Fortinbras' and a crazy person in a high school touring show of 'Treasure Island'. She has written six full-length musical theater productions, and has written more than 300 songs, some used in worship in her community. She held the position of Artistic Director for an evangelistic youth theater organization in Ramona for 10 years. She is married to Jon, a pilot with Mexican Medical Missionaries, and is a proud Great Books survivor, having graduated Justin, age 20, a student at the Berklee College of Music; and Amanda, age 21, a graduate student in Theater Design at the University of Iowa. Bobbie also has an older son, Josh, married to a fiery captivating beauty. Bobbie's passion is teenagers and theater, and bringing the truths of God to life on life's stage.



Palomar Community College

Palomar offers dual high school and college credits for its very affordable classes.  Courses vary on quality, but many of my students have made extensive use of their resources.


California Athletics

California Athletics for Home Schools was created to meet the needs of home schooling families in the areas of competitive athletics and physical education.  CAHS was founded by Todd Nash, a home schooling father in San Diego, and offers a variety of classes and competitive sports for all ages, and in most areas of California.  Fundamentals of Sports classes are offered to home schooled children ages 5 and up to teach the basic individual skills of various sports. 

North County Christian School

North County Christian School is a private Christian school independent study program.

Christian Life Academy

Christian L.I.F.E. Academy is a private Christian school independent study program.

College financial aid advisors provide families with comprehensive college planning and college financial aid guidance.

Control Debate club

Voice lessons -

While you are in Escondido...

Here are some options you might consider while in Escondido for your child's local class. 
Tangelos at the Hinrichs- They are ripe February to June and for sale from the Hinrichs children.
Felicita Shopping Center
    Major Market
    Trader Joes
Felicita Park - wonderful play areas for little siblings



 Karen West

Children have more need of models than of critics.

~ Joseph Joubert

 Philosophy of Teaching:

Experts tell us that writing is the most difficult subject we can teach our students.  That doesn=t surprise us, does it?  It is indeed a complex task, but one which is possible, provided we teach and model it for students.  But how exactly do we go about doing that?

 I believe we must do so incrementally.  As we teach new skills we must provide opportunity for practice, lots of practice, and then insist that those skills find their way into the students= writing.  My experience, as well as that of numerous researchers, suggests that students who practice new skills will not have ownership of these skills until they can apply them to their own compositions.

 How important is a parent=s input? The authors of Writing Strands state, AAny writing assignment which is done independently by the student and does not have a parent=s constant feedback in the form of reinforcement and suggestions, represents a missed opportunity for the student.@ I whole-heartedly agree! 

 Parents who are not involved with their students during the writing process at home put their students at a significant disadvantage. I am NOT interested in having these students work independently; it's not even a goal for the class. The goal is learning and that is best achieved when the parent takes an active role in the writing process with the student, preferably every time they write. I have these students in class for only 2 hrs a week.  The real job gets done at home with the parent. For this reason my classes are designed to assist the parent-teacher in this difficult but rewarding task.  I will help parents learn how to do this and I am always available before and after class and by phone and e-mail. 

 About the Classes:

My coursework is difficult because I am trying to prepare high school students for the rigorous, academic writing required in college, and that means lots of exposition and argumentation. I will assign text reading and homework throughout the year and we will review these assignments in class. The students may have other homework which I will provide, this in addition to their composition assignments.

 I am asking you parents and your students to consider carefully whether or not you are willing to make the necessary time commitment to writing that these classes will require.  And I you urge to consider what other work or activities should be put aside to make this time, as I believe there are few academic pursuits more worthwhile than learning the skills to write interesting, intelligent, clear, creative, and persuasive prose.

 These are composition courses and do not include any literature requirement for English.  The college texts for English Composition I and for English Composition II include some grammar and vocabulary.  

 About the Instructor: Karen West

I grew up in New Jersey and graduated from high school hoping to become a research biologist but became an Intensive Care/ Trauma RN instead. When I moved to California in 1982, I began working at Palomar Medical Center, where I taught critical care classes to other nurses hoping to work in the ICU/Trauma Unit. 

I married Rich in 1985 and retired from nursing when I became pregnant. Jeremy attended public school for Kindergarten, and then private school for 1st and 2nd grade during which time he literally begged me to home school him. He=d plead, APlease Mom! I know you=ll make it hard.@  So we pulled Jeremy out of school and began home schooling him and Brandon. From that point on our lives were turned right-side-up, but it would take a few years before we truly understood what home schooling was about. I became the Enrichment Director at Tri-City School=s Home School program, where I focused on teaching my favorite subject: science (especially chemistry, physical science, and biology).


Everything came easy to Jeremy except writing. He was a boy of few words so writing was sheer torture

--- for him and for me.  He would count words in sentences and sentences in paragraphs. So I began to read, read, read everything I could find about writing. And as I learned how to teach my son to write, I began to teach other students as well. Brandon proved to be a boy of many words, so I had to learn a whole new set of writing skills to teach him.  And that is how, over the course of ten years, I became an English teacher.


English Composition I: Writing Clear Paragraphs

8th B 10th Graders

NOTE: Time, day, and location to be announced.  Class time: 2 hours/week.

 Eng Comp I:$300/year/student including registration and materials. $100 non-refundable registration/materials fee due at time of registration. 

20 student minimum.

 It has always been my contention that students have difficulty writing essays and reports and speeches and anything else because they do not know how to write a paragraph.  The organization of multiple paragraphs is relatively easy compared to the writing of the individual paragraphs themselves.  I do not include any literature in my class, I do not teach grammar although the language of grammar is a necessary component in my teaching of sentence patterns, and I do not teach vocabulary though we do word work all year long --- that's how much I have to teach on the paragraph!

 For English Composition I, we use the college text Writing Clear Paragraphs.  It is not a Christian text, but it=s the best one I have found.  The students learn paragraph skills all year long.  They learn how to write the following types of paragraphs and are given a detailed Student Checklist for each: narration, description, spacial, characterization, process, explanation with examples, comparison and contrast, classification, definition, introductions, conclusions.  It is not until the very last assignment, a persuasive essay, that they try their hand at anything longer than a paragraph.

 The responsibility for grading compositions rests with you, the parent-teacher.  The Parent Checklists I provide for each assignment make the process of evaluating and grading student work quick, fair, and objective; however, you must be able to recognize in your student=s work the specific skills listed on the checklist. The checklists vary, depending on the assignment, and each checklist is divided into 4 areas: content, organization, sentence structure & style, mechanics.  In addition, I will make numerous, detailed comments and suggestions on their drafts.

 English Composition II: Writing Clear Essays

9th  & 10th Graders who have successfully completed English Composition I

11th & 12th  Graders who have not completed Eng Comp I, considered on an individual basis

NOTE: Time, day, and location to be announced.  Class time: 1 ˝ hours/week

 Eng Comp II: $400/year/student including registration and materials. $250 includes tuition and registration/materials. $150 covers line-by-line evaluation and grading by Cindy Marsch of Writing Assessment Services. In order for students to improve their work, they must have it evaluated line-by-line at the essay, paragraph, sentence, and word level.  In addition, I will attach my own detailed evaluation to each of Mrs. Marsch’s so parents can average the grades or use hers or mine only. 

$50 non-refundable registration/materials and $150 grading fee due at time of registration. 

15 student minimum.

 We will use the college text Writing Clear Essays, written by the same authors of the college text Writing Clear Paragraphs used in the English Composition I class. In addition, I will provide writing instruction from several other books. The students will write a 600-750 word essay every two to three weeks.  Each essay will require a different organization of the material, much like the paragraphs.  In fact, the text Writing Clear Essays follows closely the text Writing Clear Paragraphs, but teaches how to incorporate multiple paragraphs which support a thesis statement rather than multiple sentences which support a topic sentence. And for the purposes of this class, each thesis must have at its core an arguable opinion.

 The students learn how to write the following types of essays: narration, description, explanation with examples, comparison and contrast, process, division and classification, definition, cause and effect, argument and persuasion, literary analysis. These organizational formats get significantly more difficult at the essay level so English Composition II is somewhat of a leap from English Composition I. 


For more information, or to register your child for either class, contact Karen West:

Home: 760.940.0426 Cell: 760.429.8117 (write “Eng Comp” under subject)


Homeschool Band Program 

My name is Stephen Jackson.

I offer classical piano instruction for all ages in my parent’s home or yours.  I have been classically trained
for 12 years. (Music Teacher’s Association of California, A member of the National Piano Playing Audition, and Hanna Kogan’s Conservatory of Music)

My lessons are reasonably priced.  Please contact me if you are interested in knowing how to give your children a great music experience playing the piano.  My Cell # 760-975-9587

Kathleen Johnson, CCPS
Certified College Planning Specialist

National College Funding Strategies, Inc.

Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS
Celtic College Consultants

Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS is a veteran Catholic homeschooler as well as a seasoned certified college planning specialist.  Mrs. O'Brien provides holistic college planning services centered around guiding the student to his or her vocation or calling.  "What is it God wants you to do?"  and "Which is the right program and school for you to prepare to do it? are core questions she pursues with her students.  In support of that work, she is quite adept at strategic funding planning as well as maximizing the availability of need and merit based financial aid to the family.

In short, Premier Student Preparation + Savvy College Selection + Abundant Funding = College Success.

SAT 10 Testing

SAT 10 Testing offered for homeschool students from grades 4-12.  This is the Stanford Achievement Test used to assess the academic level of students in order that parents may see at what level their students are performing in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Math Computation and Problem Solving, Social Science and Science.  Students below the high school level are also tested in the area of Listening Skills.  The SAT 10 is offered from late May for 4-8 graders and the first week of June for those in high school.  Please contact Patti Criss for specific information and registration.  For the present year’s SAT testing, the deadline for registration is April 8. 

Mrs. Criss has been SAT testing in the North County area for the past five years. She tests in conjunction with North County Christian School, but welcomes all interested families.  She has been homeschooling for the past fifteen years and enjoys working with homeschooling families. 

San Dieguito Dance Cotillion