Veronica Hammerling December 10, 2018
ETS has been such a gem in my education. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to study these books and ideas that our culture has labeled "too hard" or "unnecessary" for middle or high school students. Whether the the said books and ideas be Euclidean geometry, singing in harmony, or Greek philosophy, Mr. Hinrichs has recognized their value in a wholesome education,
Mr. Hinrichs's teaches in a manner that helps cultivate appreciation and enthusiasm for the subject at hand. His examples, be they parties vs muggings, or romantic roadkill, offer an witty way to grasp some of the concepts in the seemingly daunting reading lists, and bring life and meaning to every classroom discussion.
When I first joined, I thought one would sit in for class, give a brief nod to fellow students, and go home. And I am so glad that I was wrong. ETS provides a wonderful community of smart, thoughtful, caring young men and women who are on this journey with you. I know quite a few students and alumni from various years, and they seem more like family than classmates, and Mr. H is more of an uncle than just a teacher. The events held are a great way to have fun dancing, singing, and competing with friends in a very constructive way.
I hope you join this community, for it is definitely helping me to grow in mind and soul, and prepare to set out on the pilgrimage of Christian adulthood.
City: Escondido
Robert Thompson December 8, 2018
This is the greatest class you can ever take. Mr. H's comedy, stories and photos mixed with philosophy, myths, and history will give you a experience you will only get once in your life. The only thing better than the classes are the dances. The Shakespearean dance is personally my favorite.

Please take this class all 5 years. Don't make the mistake I made and only stay one and a half.

City: Murrieta
Zack Lucia December 4, 2018
There are so very many positive points to make about the Great Books experience, and how ETS excels in teaching this subject, that it is quite hard to be web review brief.

I am a proud GBT alumni, to say this experience was a foundation of my education is an understatement. At its core, this program teaches the value of establishing a worldview; a framework of ideas by which we intake, and exhale, the world around us. At its heart, ETS is committed to encouraging students to uncover Truth - through all the activities you see listed on this site.

What other educational programs have that as their mission?

Attending GBT prepared me for wrestling, enjoying, weeping and living as a human more than any other education experience I've had to date (yes, college included). ETS teaches students how to learn - and we never, ever stop learning.
City: Los Angeles, California
Annie Olson December 4, 2018
Going into GBT, I was a little nervous. I expected that I would be expected to understand the difficult books we read right off the bat. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Mr. Hinrichs does not expect that of us at all. If we don't understand, we are encouraged to take a step back and think about what we already know and then if we are still confused, Mr. Hinrichs will ask us questions so that we can come to the conclusion ourselves. We are able to laugh and learn at the same time with Mr. Hinrichs' contextual jokes and commentary. I love GBT and it has greatly influenced the way I look at, not only reading but learning as a whole.
City: San Diego
Malaina Feeley December 4, 2018
I really like GBT! This class is nothing like any others I've taken, as it makes not only reading, but everything we learn about through the reading very interesting and meaningful. I love discussing the books in class and finding the deeper meanings hidden in them. It is not just like most classes, where you read the text, answer questions, and forget about everything after. In GBT, you read the text, then you answer, discuss, and think about questions. The discussions give meaning to what we are reading. We come back to these questions when reading other books as well, so all of the things that we learn about are not forgotten; the information in them can be utilized in the future.
City: Menifee, California
Ella Wagner December 1, 2018
Mr. Hinrichs is by far my favorite teacher/tutor I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. He makes the vigorous reading material easy to understand, and he makes the more boring parts of books very enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoy each and every aspect of ETS, it fills all of the gaps that my normal high school education is lacking in. My favorite part of GBT is the sense of Christian community that is so easily seen throughout each class and event. Everyone is so respectful, kind, and altogether lovely to be around. Being able to discuss and talk about the hard topics that we study in GBT, is something that I would have been able to do without Mr. Hinrich's classes. The atmosphere that Mr. Hinrichs provides in GBT is both fun and warmhearted, while also being thoughtful and Christ-centered. I would highly recommend GBT for any student who can be ready to learn with a good, hard-working attitude, as well as wishes to be a part of a more Christ-centered community.
City: Escondido
Colleen Blockhus November 15, 2018
When I first found out that I was taking an online Great Books class, I expected a sterile, academic environment with more intellectual stimulation than personal connection. I could not have been more wrong. Studying the Great Books means discussing the ideas that really matter, which leads to deep friendships and true fellowship. In addition, Mr. Hinrichs intentionally fosters an informal, genuine community in his classes, unifying his students in the quest to not only seek truth, but to also encourage and better one other. Whether we're discussing Platonic Forms or bunny smoothies, there's always something beautiful, meaningful, and hilarious in each and every conversation. My Great Books friends are my family, and Mr. H. is the wise and witty father who brings us all together. If anyone is looking for a community of curious, respectful, and deep-thinking teens, I'd suggest you look no further. Come join the ETS family!
City: Sugar Land, Texas
Karen Near Wells November 8, 2018
We were looking for a great books education; we fell into a great community of humans who love words and beauty and music and deep fellowship and even deeper thinking. Thank you Mr and Mrs H for all you gave to our family. All four of my children spent some time under your tutelage. They are better thinkers and better humans. ETS provides a vision of a noble life and thoughtful pursuit of the Truth. Onward and Upward.
City: Morgan Hill, California