Colleen Blockhus November 15, 2018
When I first found out that I was taking an online Great Books class, I expected a sterile, academic environment with more intellectual stimulation than personal connection. I could not have been more wrong. Studying the Great Books means discussing the ideas that really matter, which leads to deep friendships and true fellowship. In addition, Mr. Hinrichs intentionally fosters an informal, genuine community in his classes, unifying his students in the quest to not only seek truth, but to also encourage and better one other. Whether we're discussing Platonic Forms or bunny smoothies, there's always something beautiful, meaningful, and hilarious in each and every conversation. My Great Books friends are my family, and Mr. H. is the wise and witty father who brings us all together. If anyone is looking for a community of curious, respectful, and deep-thinking teens, I'd suggest you look no further. Come join the ETS family!
City: Sugar Land, Texas
Karen Near Wells November 8, 2018
We were looking for a great books education; we fell into a great community of humans who love words and beauty and music and deep fellowship and even deeper thinking. Thank you Mr and Mrs H for all you gave to our family. All four of my children spent some time under your tutelage. They are better thinkers and better humans. ETS provides a vision of a noble life and thoughtful pursuit of the Truth. Onward and Upward.
City: Morgan Hill, California