Rachel Cochrane February 2, 2019
The website looks very professional and makes the material much more accessible. :)
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DorothyDek January 22, 2019
I like your website!!! :)

Bye... Thank for yourattention :)
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Josh Wood January 17, 2019
Your website really brings out the character of ETS and what it is. Though I am really looking forward to when you can finish all the subpages and articles.
These classes have been very helpful and I would recommend them to all those interested.
However, I do think a good thing you could add would be to make more videos on the Great Books as you did for The Odessey and a couple others. The videos you have made have very much helped me better understand not only the characters but the overall moral of the story itself. One more thing, I think you should make a video about ETS: Its goals, what it teaches, beliefs, etc. And if you have already made one then I shall look for it.
Again, I love the new website.
<> Please see
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Benjmain Lawrence January 4, 2019
This is a very neat website you have here, very easy to use.
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Sarah Gentry December 21, 2018
This website is very helpful!! :D
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sydny thompson November 26, 2018
it's a very nice website.
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