Great Books Authors


Plato November 14, 2018
My dialogs are far more superior compared to this pitiful thing. There is no Geometry or Music! How can one survive without them?!
City: Athens
Socrates November 14, 2018
You have certainly made an attempt, but this curriculum is not nearly balanced enough. For one, you can throw out the Homer and other such lying poets. For another, where is the gymnastics? Your students shall all become soft and effeminate.
City: Athens, Hellas
Robert E. Lee October 29, 2018
This here blue-belled website is gonna go south real fast! I'm a'gonna stick to my writ'n and letter'n like y'all should!
City: The Confederate States of America
Cleopatra October 28, 2018
I can still do better
City: Egypt
Socrates October 25, 2018
I am pleased to see that your students are required to study geometry; it will make them better people. But why do you corrupt their minds with the lies of the poets?
City: Athens
John Calvin October 25, 2018
God predestined this website.
City: Heaven
The priestess at Delphi October 25, 2018
*indistinct muttering*
City: Greece
Groot October 25, 2018
"I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot"
Translates into, "This website is great, come check it out!
City: The Galaxy
The Persians October 25, 2018
Why do you teach your children so much? It will flood their minds with unnecessary knowledge.
City: Persia
The Beatles October 25, 2018
Yo man, the website is totally awesome man! Just where's the yellow submarine? That submarine is like, totally the best. Like wheres the peace and love, man?
City: We can't tell, we'er to high on drugs man....
Jar Jar binks October 25, 2018
whosa website is this? Ani? Ani?? whersa yousa go?
Dracula October 25, 2018
This website is great! va va va va
City: Transulvania
Iron Man October 25, 2018
I'm but earth is closed today. That includes the all new GBT website.
Yoda October 25, 2018
Good Website, this is!
City: Star Wars
Rob Stothard October 25, 2018
Wow, I never thought that inventing Simon would lead to having websites and stuff like this!
City: England
Joseph Stalin October 25, 2018
This website does not agree with me!
Therefore, it's and enemy of the state!
I shall take it away, (kindly destroy it to my advantage), for the betterment of our good communist government!
City: The Paradise of Communism
Yoda October 25, 2018
Do go on the website or do not go on the website there is no try to get on the website.
Indiana Jones October 25, 2018
This website belongs in a museum! The formatting is older than the Holy Grail.
City: U.S.A.
Oedipus October 25, 2018
My wife told me to take these classes. She's always complaining that I'm "so childish". Honestly, you'd think she's my mother...
City: Thebes
Theodore Roosevelt October 25, 2018
There's not enough nature! I shall make it full of animals and trees and lots and lots of bunnies.
It shall be a place of peace and harmony.
Free teddy bears for everyone!!!
City: My Beautiful U.S.A.
Obi won Kenobi October 25, 2018
You were the chosen website, you were said to destroy the internet not join it.
Alcibiades October 25, 2018
Why do I get such a bad rap in your class? All I did was try to win, and you paint me as traitor. Not cool.
City: Athens
Apollo 11 Crew October 25, 2018
That's one small step for GBT, one giant leap for the internet
City: The Moon
Darth Vader October 25, 2018
Your lack of faith in your old website disturbs me.
Socrates October 25, 2018
These courses are not already included in state education? My vision still has yet to become reality...
City: Athens
Winstin Churchill October 25, 2018
If I had completed this class, I would have become prime minister much earlier.
City: United Kingdom
Darth Sidious October 25, 2018
Now you will experience the full power of Mr. H's new website.
Abraham Lincoln October 25, 2018
This is a website for the students, by the tutor and of the internet. It will be a monumental movement in free schooling
City: United States
George Washington October 25, 2018
What is Escondido? I have never heard of this state.
City: USA
Albert Einstein October 25, 2018
This website is my favorite discovery.
City: United States
Anonymous Duck October 25, 2018
Got any grapes?
City: Unknown
Plutarch October 25, 2018
Your website does not contain enough information. I need to know the ancestors of every person you list, at least five generations back, and the customs, fashion, foods, and music of every city and country you mention.
City: Chaeronea, Greece
Socrates October 25, 2018
Because one thing they know its they know nothing, Miss Austen.
City: Athens
LeBron James October 25, 2018
This team will win not 1, not 2 not 3, not 4 not 5, not 6 not 7.
City: United States
Sophocles October 25, 2018
Your Great Books list should include more tragedies. Clearly, they are the best forms of art. You cannot appreciate literature unless you are reading it through tear-filled eyes.
City: Colonus, Athens
Hm October 25, 2018
City: Hm
Richard II's Gardener October 25, 2018
Oh what pity it is he had not so trimmed and dressed his land as we this website.
City: England
Thucydides October 25, 2018
Needs more boring description.
City: Greece
Prime minister of Greece October 25, 2018
Please don't come back to my and your drone don't belong here.
City: Greece
Homer October 25, 2018
I am happy to know this class takes time to read my best works. However, I am sorry to hear how many feel so strongly about my death by hemlock however.
City: Athens, Greece
Athenians October 25, 2018
Whoever made this website will end up drinking hemlock....
City: Athens
President Donald Trump October 25, 2018
This website is going to be HUUUGE! I hope Mexico is paying for it.
City: United States of America
Jane Austen October 25, 2018
It is a Truth universally acknowledged that a person of immense stupidity must be in search of knowledge
City: England
Beatrice October 25, 2018
I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than spend a moment more on this website.
City: Messina
Socrates October 25, 2018
I'd rather drink hemlock than take this class.
City: Athens
Hamlet October 25, 2018
"To fling, or not to fling. That is the question..."
City: Denmark
Attila the Hun October 25, 2018
This website will put Fortnight out of business!
City: The Steppes
Plato October 25, 2018
This is a website worthy of coming out of my cave for.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning October 25, 2018
How do I love this website? Let me count the ways.
City: England
Socrates October 25, 2018
I like Great Books, so why is Homer included in here?
City: Greek
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark October 25, 2018
The world is an unweeded garden, grown to seed; things foul and rank in nature possess it merely. (Well, for the most part. This website isn't too bad, I guess.)
City: Denmark
William Shakespeare October 24, 2018
Forsooth, it is indeed a fair work.
City: England
Winston Churchill October 24, 2018
You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.
City: Not the Free Land
Mark Zuckerberg (Creator of Facebook) October 24, 2018
This website will put me out of business! Its not even as good as Facebook! At least my website gives me access to other peoples private information.
City: United States of America